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What is DFY Authority ?

DFY Authority is the brand new cloud based powerful web bot, which finds for you high quality expired domains with authority backlinks, which are not found on different platform, so you can turn around the sell them or turn into niche sites or utilize for PBN or redirect them to any place, you want.

Full Done For You, Web Bot, Which works 24/7 for you to find very valuable domains, which are available right now for $10 or less and you can sell for large profit.

Also, the creator and his team will walk you through each step of the process to make profits with this.

These Cloud Based App will find for you high value domains and they are available for around $10 or even less.

That's huge advantage, because, you can turn this into big profit and there are people doing that every day, but you can now do it automatically, because, the app does it for you and you can access the software from any place, if you have internet.

You will have full access to whole list, database of expired domains and every day new ones will be added.

DFY Authority Review

If, you are wonderinf, if they are monthly fees for this app, the answer is no. DFY Authority is at a one time priced offer, but for a limited amount of time and also on discount, it is cloud based and you can access from anywhere, it's dfy.

You will just have to login inside the app, it does 99% of the work for you and provides you with high valued domains.

Nothing to install or things like that, because it is web based, you just need internet connection and a web browser..

There is also provided full detailed video training, that guies you the way to use the platforms, also they have two powerful PDF guides to help you what to look for ,when choosing in domain and how to profit from expired domains.

Price OF DFY Authority

If, you are wondering about the price of it, it is less than $100, even than $50, you can apply a discount by any of the following codes "dfya5off", "dfya7off or finaltrio.

How Does It Work ?

Really simple process, notjing complicated involved. Below, you can see a demo video , which the main founder has recorded.

Step 1

Get Inside

Plug your username and password to get inside the web based app.

Step 2

Choose a domain

Pick the ones, that you want.

Step 3

Buy THe Domain

For $10-$20 or even less

Step 4

Flip Domains

You can flip them instantly by sticking to the step by step guide.

Step 5


Repeat the steps as many times, you want.



DFY Authority Agency

This is the main offer, the app, with the most popular level, you will receive 250 credits to start finding the domains,you want. It costs to reveal 1 credit for a domain, you are interested based on metrics.

OTO 1 DFY Authority Agency+

The first upgrade is the DFY Authority subscription. It's a a credit web based system, here you can lock your monthly credits at launch price off.

Also you just have to put $1.

OTO 2 - DFY Authority Brander

This second upgrade is the DFY Brander Pack. SInce you got the portfolio pages as free bonus on the front end, you would like to modify and brand your portfolio pages with your own logo and custom domain,you can get this upgrade to get access to these features.

OTO 3 - DFY Authority Booster

The third upgrade will be the DFY Authority Booster. With it, you ca get Ahrefs and Semrush Data for the domains, you are interested to make better decisions.

Ahrefs is considered one of the best top domain metrics, you can get, that's why they usually charge a lot.

SEMRush provides traffic stats for the domains, which is also in demand statistics, when it comes to expired domains.

OTO 4 - Serplify 2.0 Agency

With that, which is the last upgrade, you will receive special discount on their latest update of Serplify. It allows you to convert your domains to niche sites, which run on autopilot. This crafts your sites, publishes, optimize and syndicate your content for any keyword or location, any place in the world.

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